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Kostam Vigraha prathistha - Sponsor generously

WE will be performing the prathista of Kostam vigrahams around the existing garbha gruhams in May 2013. This is a rare opportunity to sponsor and receive the blessings of vigraha prathishta. See list below. Let us know if you are interested. First come..first serve. Vigrahams are on display in temple.. check them out on your next visit. KOSTAM VIGRAHAM AND BALI PEETHAM SPONSORSHIPS ($5,001) - ONCE IN A LIFE TIME CHANCE TO PERFORM VIGRAHA PRATHISTHA

Maha Lakshmi Garbha gruham kostam vigrahams:
South: Saraswati , West: Vaishnavi and Raja Rajeswari , North: Durga

Siva Garbha gruham: kostam vigrahams:
South : Dakshinamurthy , West: Lingodbhava , North: Brahma

Balaji Garbha gruham: kostam vigrahams

South : Vishwaksena , West: Narasimha , North: Hayagriva

Ram Parivar garbha gruham: kostam vigraham

South : Sri. Rama Pattabhishekam

Radha-Krishna garbha gruham: kostam vigraham
North: Radha – Krishna in Ras Leela

Bali peethams($2,001)
We will be installing 11 bali peethams in the temple. Sponsor one ($2,001) generously and receive the blessings.





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